Behind the brand

RISKY UNIVERSE is a brand started in 2020. In this chapter of welcome to our universe we want to tell you about how the brand was started. There are so many clothing brands out there and not many of them let their customers know the real story behind the brand. We want to not only make a great clothing brand but also inspire you to work hard for what you want.  

Some people see a clothing brand and think: ‘’How could they come up with this great idea? I also want to do something like this, what can I do to start?’’ We always thought about this as well but it’s not as easy as that. We wanted to start a clothing brand for 3-4 years before we finally found something that we liked and the people around us also liked. What we want to say with this is, it takes time… you have to be very patient. If you have the hunger in you it will eventually come at the right time, for whatever you´re chasing.


RISKY was started on a very low investment. We didn't have the support, knowledge or money back then to make the clothing we wanted but we kept working and knew everything would come with time. Every piece we make we put our all into it to make our costumers happy, not only the clothing but everything around the brand as well. We want everything to be of the highest quality to give our costumer a fantastic shopping experience. 


The brand stands for a big community of people how always want more of life no matter what. You have one life, there's no reason not to try different things and see what you can achieve during your lifetime. We have this mindset in everything we do. If it's training, business or just normal things in the daily life. You can always reach new levels no matter where you are in life. See it as a book, what's your next chapter gonna look like?