Behind the brand

RISKY UNIVERSE is a brand started in 2020. In this chapter of welcome to our universe we want to tell you about how the brand was started. There are so many clothing brands out there and not many of them let their customers know the real story behind the brand. We want to not only make a great clothing brand but also inspire you to work hard for what you want.  

Some people see a clothing brand and think: ‘’How could they come up with this great idea? I also want to do something like this, what can I do to start?’’ We always thought about this as well but it’s not as easy as that. We wanted to start a clothing brand for 3-4 years before we finally found something that we liked and the people around us also liked. What we want to say with this is, it takes time… you have to be very patient. If you have the hunger in you it will eventually come at the right time. 

So when you know exactly what you want to do, what to do next then? Then you need to start working on your plan. What type of products do you need to find? What will it cost? There’s a lot of questions you need to ask yourself, make sure you think everything through before you continue on your way to owning a clothing brand. 

The next step is contacting the suppliers of the things you need. This stage is very important. Some people think that if the first 2 suppliers you find can’t help you then it’s over. It’s not like that, you need to contact 15-20 in the area you need something from. That’s what we did and then you might find someone, or someone who will give you another supplier they know. It’s a long process so it’s very important that you keep your patience and don’t give up. 

When you have found the suppliers that you need and received your products, it’s time to launch your clothing brand! This final stage is the most important one, marketing. Marketing is everything, of course you need to have good products also to bring customers but if you don’t reach out to people then you will never grow your brand bigger. There’s so many ways you can market your brand and you need to find your own way to keep growing your brand.