The brand RISKY UNIVERSE is so much more than just a brand. The brand was founded in 2020 but has already grown way more than we could imagine. We want to bring something new to the market and the fashion industry. The brand itself sends a message in so many ways. We thought we let you know a few things that the brand stands for. 

  1. Courage to do what you want is something very important that the brand stands for, daring to go after that dream no matter what the crowd says. Sometimes there will be no one else but you who believes in that dream, just you and sometimes it can get lonely but you need to stay strong and work hard for what you want. That brings us to another thing the brand stands for...            
  2. Confidence. You've seen us write it on our Instagram page ‘’wear it with confidence’’. That's just what you should do, own it. Never let someone bring you down, in the RISKY UNIVERSE is everyone welcome.                                       
  3. That was a couple of messages we want to send with our brand, when it comes to the clothes we want to be known for top quality clothes. We want to be known for our comfortable clothes and exclusive designs.